Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
If you’ve been even remotely regular in following this blog, our number one shouldn’t come as a surprise – I believe I’ve already bothered you enough with my love of Gang Gang Dance’s latest effort (and GGD in general). I’ll leave the list unnumbered because, except for the first 7-8 entries, the rest come in kind of (but not entirely) particular order. And it’s not a strictly albums-of-the-year list, as I’ve included some mixtapes/remix albums/ compilations. Also, I just realised we haven’t covered half of this on the blog… Don’t know how that happens to us every year! Anyway, enough with the explanations, here be the list:

Gang Gang Dance: Eye Contact
John Maus: We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
Julia Holter: Tragedy
Prurient: Bermuda Drain
Water Borders: Harbored Mantras
James Pants: James Pants
The Weeknd: House of Balloons
Nguzunguzu: The Perfect Lullaby
Silk Flowers: Ltd. Form
Belong: Common Era
Planningtorock: W
Shabazz Palaces: Black Up
King Midas Sound: Without You
Tropic of Cancer: The End of All Things
SLEEP ? OVER: Forever
Austra: Feel it Break
Peaking Lights: 936
Clams Casino: Instrumentals
Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra.
Araabmuzik: Electronic Dream
Chelsea Wolfe: ??????????
U.S. Girls: U.S. Girls on Kraak
Leyland Kirby: Eager to Tear Apart the Stars
Death in Vegas: Trans-Love Energies
James Blake: James Blake
Soft Metals: Soft Metals
Demdike Stare: Triptych
Kindest Lines: Covered in Dust
Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica
Steve Hauschildt: Tragedy & Geometry
Grouper: A I A : Alien Observer / A I A : Dream Loss
Nicolas Jaar: Space Is Only Noise
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972
Maria Minerva: Cabaret Cixous
Bvdub: Tribes at the Temple of Silence
Kate Bush: 50 Words for Snow
Tearist: Living: 2009-Present
ASAP Rocky: LiveLoveA$AP
Zola Jesus: Conatus
Rustie: Glass Swords


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Peaking Lights can’t seem to get enough of remixes these days. They have a new remix EP coming out next month on Weird World Record Co., you can stream some of those and some other remixes of their songs here. And below you can stream Peaking Lights’ brand new take on the U.S. Girls gem ‘The Island Song’, taken from her excellent new album U.S. Girls on Kraak, out now on Kraak. She also seems to have some remix release coming up as there are a bunch of other remixes of ‘The Island Song’ up on Kraak Records’ Soundcloud. (By the way, seen the video yet?)

U.S. Girls – Island Song (Peaking Lights remix)

U.S. Blogs.


Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Video for Peaking Lights‘ ‘Amazing and Wonderful’ off their fine new album 936, out now on Not Not Fun. The clip was directed by Ben Shearn and Amanda Brown. [via]

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Facebook Lights.


Monday, May 4th, 2009

2009, Not Not Fun/Night People
01. Intro To Imaginary Falcons; 02. Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers; 03. Boy And The Rabbit Band; 04. Wedding Song; 05. All The Good Songs Have Been Written; 06. New News; 07. Owls Barning

Project of Indra Dunis (Numbers, Dynasty, Rahdunes) and Aaron Coyes (Rahdunes, Face Plant, etc.). Myspace.

“…hypnotic analog electronics, pulsing drum sounds, perfectly somber pop layered keys, blown psych guitar, and Indra’s warm drifting vocals”
“…sing-song serenades of Suicide-style drum machinery, groovy lost ghost candle crooning, dubby keyboard echoes, gentle guitar gestures, and narcotic harmonia, woven into an expertly sequenced lucid dream you never wanna wake up from.”

Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers

All the Good Songs Have Been Written