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Monday, April 15th, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, No Conclusion has been on a month+ long break, but the time has come to get back to blogging. We’re going to “pull a The Knife” on you and return with something long an experimental, because why not.  And, well, because we got to premiere the latest installment of the exquisite Portland-based Experimental ½ Hour video series. This episode features Litanic Mask‘s stunning rendition of “Kabuki” (taken from their self-titled debut LP), followed by a sweet set from Sissy Spacek and a frantic performance by Twins, with some general weirdness from Sporay coming at the end of the clip. Watch it below, and check out some more sick videos over at the Experimental ½ Hour website.

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Litanic Mask/Sissy Spacek/Twins/Sporay.


Monday, January 7th, 2013

opp_litanicmask2The final guest list in our 2012 year-end coverage comes from the Portland-based act Litanic Mask. Their eponymous debut album was released barely two months ago but it has been on heavy rotation here at No Conclusion ever since, expectedly landing high on our albums of the year list. The duo of Kenna Jean and Mark Evan Burden were kind enough to share their separate lists of some artists, tracks, albums, and mixes that marked the past year for them. Here we go, ladies first:

> E*Rock – End of Summer Mix (Future Legend Podcast 018)
Venus X
Concrete Floor
White Rainbow: Trick Shot (Bandcamp)
Miracles ClubThe Wheel
Princess DiesIV Part Two + VICE Interview
MassacooramaanTRAINWRECK (ft DJ Rashad & RP Boo)

> Mohn: Mohn
> All Fade to Mind releases
Ritualz: Outworld Music
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse
Rosenkopf: Rosenkopf

Litanic Like.


Friday, December 21st, 2012

Out of all the amazing records that came out this year, we found Laurel Halo’s Quarantine to be the most exciting (and can’t help but feel sorry for the people who have a problem with those vocals). Julia Holter misses the number one spot second year in a row, but I don’t think she’d mind since we both loved Quarantine. Speaking of which, another cool thing about 2012 is that we got to hang with a couple of our favorite acts. Anyway, there were a lot of cool records we enjoyed but just hadn’t spent that much time with them, and then there were, of course, a lot of records that we thought sucked – we’ll leave you to ponder on which of those categories whatever you think we missed falls into. These are the albums and mixtapes we’ve found ourselves returning to the most this year, listed in a somewhat particular order:

Laurel Halo: Quarantinelaurelhalo-quarantine

Julia Holter: Ekstasis

Actress: RIP

Litanic Mask: Litanic Mask

SpaceGhostPurrp: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp
Osiris of the East
Death Grips: The Money Store / NO LOVE DEEP WEB
Artificial death in the west

Vatican Shadow: Ghosts of Chechnya / Ornamented Walls
Voices Came Crackling Across a Motorola Hand-Held Radio
Light Asylum: Light Asylum
Pope Will Roll

Purity Ring: Shrines

Le1f: Dark York andystott-luxury

Tamaryn: Tender New Signs
Violet’s in a Pool

Andy Stott: Luxury Problems

Holy Other: Held

Chairlift: Something
Met Before
Scott Walker: Bisch Bosch

Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts: Chrome Lips

Chelsea Wolfe: Unknown Roomsvessel-orderofnoise

Vessel: Order of Noise

Trust: TRST
Bruxa: Victimeyez
Roll Sharp

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland: Black Is Beautiful
Raime: Quarter Turns Over a Living Line
Jeremih: Late Nights with Jeremih
Holly Herndon: Movement
Cooly G: Playin Mehollyherndon-movement
Grimes: Visions
Chromatics: Kill for Love
Evian Christ: Kings and Them
Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
Sand Circles: Motor City
Swans: The Seer
Recondite: On Acid
Silent Servant: Negative Fascinationrecondite-on_acid
X-TG: Desertshore/The Final Report
Human Teenager: Animal Husbandry
Dreamers: Dreamers
Palmistry: I Swear
iamamiwhoami: Kin
Samara Lubelski: Wavelength
Lee Noble/Ensemble Economique: Motion Forever


Thursday, September 27th, 2012

We’ve been obsessing over Litanic Mask ever since we first heard some of their demos last fall. We even went ahead and listed the early version of ‘Virgin Spring’ as one of our favorite songs of the past year, and got them to put something together for our guest mix series. In the meantime, Litanic Mask have finished their debut full-length and I can tell you right now *spoiler alert* that it is going to be high on our albums of 2012 list because it’s HUGE. The self-titled album features some stuff that has been updated from the demos and a few new dark pop gems. It’s due out on Halloween via Fast Weapons. Watch the video for the epic beauty that is ‘Virgin Spring':

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Litanic Cloud.


Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

When we *really* like a band, we can’t help but post about anything they do. So here’s a little update on our darlings Litanic Mask: Last week the Portland duo shared two new songs on their Soundcloud, along with a remix of ‘Virgin Spring’, one of our favorite songs of the past year. Stream the wonderful eight-and-a-half minutes long gem ‘Kabuki’ below and then click here and listen to ‘Grey Stones’ as well. Thank you.



Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Along with a lot of excellent new EPs and singles, this year has seen the official release of Light Asylum‘s In Tension, our favorite EP of 2010. I should also mention Arthur Russell‘s outstanding Let’s Go Swimming 12”, which got reissued with a previously unreleased bonus track. As for this year’s releases, these are some of our favorites:

Holy Other: With U

Laurel Halo: Hour Logic

Maria Minerva: Sacred & Profane Love / Noble Savage

Mi Ami: Dolphins

Litanic Mask: Demo


Grimes/d’Eon: Darkbloom

Led Er Est: May

Ayshay: Warn-U

Autre Ne Veut: Body

Nowa Huta: ‘nova ‘xuta

Trust: Candy Walls / Bulbform

Invisible Conga People: In a Hole

Fatima Al Qadiri: Genre-Specific Xperience

Massive Attack vs Burial: Four Walls/Paradise Circus

Jacques Greene: Greene 01 / Another Girl

Spoek Mathambo: Put Some Red on it

Pale Sketcher: Seventh Heaven

The Soft Moon: Total Decay

Ital: Culture Clubs


Monday, December 26th, 2011

Off the top of my head (and according to the charts from my several accounts), here are 25 songs I’ve had on repeat sometime in 2011. Also, judging from our previous experience, having a post with a bunch of mp3s is good for driving traffic!

Gang Gang DanceGlass Jar

Litanic MaskVirgin Spring

U.S. GirlsThe Island Song

PictureplaneReal Is a Feeling

PrurientA Meal Can Be Made

AraabmuzikStreetz Tonight


LA Vampires Goes ItalStreetwise

Maria MinervaRuff Trade



Chelsea WolfeMer

Stoned BoysDangerous Skies

Dylan EttingerLion of Judah

Win Win feat. Lizzi BougatsosReleaseRPM

Ford & Lopatin + Shannon FunchessSnakes

Future IslandsBefore the Bridge

UNISONBrothers and Sisters

Junior Boys – ep + Banana Ripple

RadioheadLotus Flower (Jacques Greene remix)

CREEP feat. Nina SkyYou (Planningtorock remix)

SLEEP ? OVERRomantic Streams (NGUZUNGUZU remix)

Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead HandsSeen Me Blue

Burial Hex feat. Zola JesusThe Far (Horrid Red Radio remix)

Mirror Mirror with Stuart ArgabrightNau Sau Ser Bil Uma Rah Rab


Monday, November 21st, 2011

If you’re sitting there wondering who the fuck are Litanic Mask, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Kenna Jean and Mark Evan Burden because their band just happens to be one of our discoveries of the year. This is their first mix, and it’s not half bad! The dominantly experimental/goth/ industrial introduction doesn’t really prepare you for all that follows. Obscure soul mixed into contemporary r’n’b, followed by mixing synth pop into dub reggae into Swans into minimal techno. Things get even crazier around ‘Dancing on My Own’ / ‘Always on My Mind’ combo. Did I mention it all sounds perfectly smooth? As if I didn’t know I’d love this when I spotted one of my fave Depeche Mode songs on the tracklist, along with some Light Asylum, John Maus and Plastikman. Virgin mix:


01. Doris Norton – Caution Radiation Norton
02. This Mortal Coil – The Horizon Bleeds
03. John Maus – Times Is Weird
04. Serge Gainsbourg – Daisy Temple
05. David Lynch – Good Day Today
06. Chris & Cosey  – October Love Song
07. Helene Smith – I’m Controlled by Your Love
08. Cassie  – Me & You
09. Depeche Mode – Lie to Me
10. Scientist – Blood
11. Swans – Children of God
12. Plastikman – Helikopter
13. Lil B – Die With The Sun
14. Light Asylum – Skull Fuct
15. OMD – Almost
16. Robyn – Dancing on My Own
17. Pet Shop Boys – Always on My Mind
18. Robert Hood – Internal Empire
19. Kraftwerk – Antenne
20. Anika – I Go to Sleep

NC GUEST MIX#42: LITANIC MASK by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Like Litanic Mask on Facebook and follow them on Soundcloud.


Monday, October 17th, 2011

Litanic Mask is a Portland duo comprised of Kenna Jean and Mark Evan Burden, apparently friends of Honey Owens from Miracles Club, who wrote about them on the Ecstasy blog. If Zola Jesus has become too mainstream for you, get a fresh dose of goth pop from Litanic Mask! J/k. Here are two gems from their demo, stream the rest on their Soundcloud.

Virgin Spring

Leather Mask

Litanic Facebook.