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Thursday, January 24th, 2013

funerals-boosraWe haven’t heard from Funerals in a few months, and it was nice to learn that the electronic duo of  Mollie Wells and Casey Immel-Brown dropped a new release yesterday. Boo Sra Remixes collects five different takes on the stand-out track from their fine last year’s Hypermotion B EP, featuring reworks by DeathfaceDruid Cloak, MikIX The Cat, Hissy Fit, and Funerals themselves. Download the whole thing from ?????’s Bandcamp, and stream their own remix of “Boo Sra” right here:

Like Funerals? Like their guest mix?

BEST OF 2012: EPs

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Before we drop what’s probably considered to be the ultimate year-end list (ya know, albums), here are some of our favorite EPs of 2012. The only label to appear more than once on this list is, umm, Self-Released. Good job, guys.

Arca: Stretch 1
arca-stretch1Truly Carrying

Vatican Shadow: September Cell
Cairo Is a Haunted City

Tropic of Cancer: I Feel Nothing / Permissions of Love
The One Left


Fatima Al Qadiri: Desert Strike
Ghost Raid

Nguzunguzu: Warm Pulse
Smoke Alarm

King Felix: Spring
Spring 01


Wife: Stoic

Twigs: Twigs

Kool Thing: Light Games
This Is the Place

Rachel Haircut: Reserve
Make U Move

Charli XCX: You’re the One
You’re the One

Anna Meredith: Black Prince Fury

Burial: Kindred / Truant/Rough Sleeper

LA Vampires by Octo Octa: Freedom 2K
Freedom 2K

Nightmare Fortress: Until the Air Runs Out

Deathface: From Beneath
Body Count (feat. Star Eyes)

Water Borders: Each Dream a Scheme
Each Dream a Scheme Part I (Excerpt)


ManMachine: I Hate Human Race / 2 Songs About Death
I Hate Human Race

Ritualz / Funerals: Hypermotion X/B
Rhythmic Release

Blawan: His He She & She
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?


Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

It’s been over a month since our last guest mix, but not to worry, we have a few rad mixes to make up for it. Let’s start with Funerals, a Columbus, OH based act made up of Mollie Wells and Casey Immel-Brown.
The self-proclaimed “midnight techno” duo gives us a short lesson in contemporary electronic music. They start the mix with uk funky bass sounds of Girl Unit, Roska and L-Vis 1990, with a pinch of juke. What follows is a set of minimal techno – the party starts once we learn drums with Boris Brejcha. The closing track is their own ‘K-Motion’, taken from the new Funerals and Ritualz companion EP that we mentioned last week. Hypermotion X/B is out today on Mishka, go and download it *for free*! Can you think of another cool Funerals-related thing available for free download? Me neither:


01. Girl Unit – Club Rez
02. Munchi – Murda Sound
03. Roska – Jackpot
04. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove
05. Boris Brejcha – Learning Drums
06. Alex Young – Minimarket (Mark Denken remix)
07. Autistic – Minimal Polizei (Kanio Mix)
08. Dusty Kid – The Twister (Nathan Detroit edit)
09. Julian Jeweil – The Cube
10. Ossie – Tarantula
11. FUNERALS – K-Motion

NC GUEST MIX#55: FUNERALS by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Funerals’ site.


Friday, May 25th, 2012

????? is releasing an awesome companion EP by Ritualz and Funerals next week, and we are fortunate enough to premiere a couple of tracks from it.  Hypermotion X and Hypermotion B are two separate but related EPs, featuring four new tracks from each of the acts. Stream ‘Rhythmic Release’, the closing track from Ritualz’ EP, and Funerals’ ‘Boo SRA’ below (you can preview more tracks from Funerals’ EP on their Soundcloud). Hypermotion X/B will be available for download from ?????’s Bandcamp on May 29.