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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

gm70clippingRecently we asked the Los Angeles trio Clipping. to make a guest mix for No Conclusion. We haven’t heard from them at all in weeks, until this baby landed in our inbox the other day, accompanied by a plea that it be posted as close as possible to the release date of Kanye West’s Yeezus. Clearly, we had no choice but to oblige.
Now, I don’t even know where to start in describing what (y)our new favorite harsh-rap act has cooked  up for us. Don’t let the lenghty tracklist put you off, Clipping. made these zillion songs fit into a mix that’s barely twenty minutes long. The sound of someone frantically switching between radio stations, OR a brilliant cross section of contemporary music: this mix is above all insanely fun. Insane and fun. Awesome. Whatever. It’s guest mix, bitch.


“Yeezus Highlight #1″
Gangsta Boo “Bodies”
Young Thug “Picacho”
Big Bank Black & Future “Missing”
Haim “Send Me Down”
Justin Timberlake “Strawberry Bubblegum”
Alberich “Image of Progress”
“Yeezus Highlight #2″
Mykki Blanco “Angggry Byrdz”
Western Tink & Beautiful Lou “Today”
A$AP Rocky “Fashion Killa (Produced by Friendzone)”
Rich Boy “Gangsta Gangsta”
Patric Catani “Dreadlock Medusa”
Gunplay “Cocaina”
Moment Trigger “Triple Dipped”
Clipping. “Get It”
“Yeezus Highlight #3″
Cassie “Bad Bitches”
King T “It Ain’t Eazy”
Kool John “Yabitch”
“Yeezus Highlight #4″
Problem “Like Whaaat”
Cocc Pistol Cree “Ladykiller (produced by DJ Mustard)”
Pharmakon “Pitted”
“Yeezus Highlight #5″
Uncluded “Delicate Cycle”
DJ Skull Vomit “Antigoon”
Youth Code “Sick Skinned”
“Yeezus Highlight #6″
Bad News “Bath Salts”
Cakes Da Killa “Goodie Goodies”
Haxan Cloak “Excavation (Part Two)”
Still Corners “Fireflies”
Cassie “Do My Dance”
Daft Punk “Contact”
“Yeezus Highlight #7″
Sissisters “I Want To Tell You”

It’s Clipping. bitch dot com.
Photo by Sarah Sitkin.


Thursday, January 31st, 2013

clippingLast week we found out that one of the dudes from Captain Ahab was involved with a new project, which was pretty exciting, being that the sadly disbanded duo was one of our favorite  live acts in recent years. Clipping. is comprised of CA’s Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson (a.k.a. Rale) and Daveed Diggs. The trio combines, umm, rap and harsh noise? Hell yes, please! Stream two songs and watch the trailer for their debut full-length, due out next week. “It’s Clipping., bitch.”

Clipping. on FB.