Some of the Best Acoustic Vinyl Records Now

As much as the next rock music junkie, we love electric distortions and everything else that’s loud. Sometimes though, it feels great to just lay back and go back to basics. And that’s the reason why we made this list below of some the best acoustic vinyl records right now.


Several Shades of Why by J Mascis

This acoustic vinyl record is surprisingly engaging and rich despite the absence of thick instrumental sounds. Even with the absence of unnecessary sonic stimulants, Masci manages to bathe you with purpose and resonance through his sheer voice. If you manage to finish spinning this vinyl without having to wipe off a tear, then we don’t know anymore what will make you have to.

Sea Change by Beck

Beck has experimented with a wide range of musical genres through the years, some of which were successful while others were not. Sea Change is a back to basics project of sorts, with Beck going down the acoustic path. It also showed that underneath all of Beck’s quirkiness, he’s actually at his best when making simple, down to earth songs. And that’s just one of the reasons why he beat Beyonce for a Grammy Album of the Year award.

All Hail West Texas by the Mountain Goats

Surprisingly, this back to basic album just works. It also perfectly shows that the Mountain Goats pack a wallop even after you strip away all the trappings and the layers. And with John Darnielle’s straight forward story telling, honest lyrics and raspy vocals, the album also showed the band at its best. They should have considered naming the album as “All Hail the Mountain Goats” instead.

And That’s a Wrap

Like the best acoustic guitars under $500 at GLM, the albums above would make excellent gifts this Christmas. Loved ones who love music will appreciate them as much as they’ll do with a guitar. But the good thing for you is that, they are not as expensive and are easier to wrap.

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