“Scrapbook Tunes” to Die and Cut For

We are being artsy today, with a post related to our cleaning efforts, and it’s about one of our coolest projects ever! When we began improving the home recording studio, the record player was one of the first pieces we spiced up. We liked how basic geometric vinyl decals transformed a plain turntable into a decorative piece, so we are raving about it here!

We have usually been tenants of different small flats, which we know are quite limiting when it comes to make overs. But we’ve gotten more imaginative now, and one of our go-to strategies to spruce up apartments is with detachable vinyl wall decals. They are quite expensive though, so we finally bought a Cricut Explore Air (as recommended by many online reviews). A die cutting machine can be used to cut almost anything out of vinyl. With it, you could decorate anything just as we did with our turntable. Heck, you could even make wallpaper, but it is more commonly used for scrapbooking. We went ahead and created a scrapbook which we will use as a guest book.


Speaking of scrapbooks, indie-pop act MisterWives just finished “The Scrapbook Tour” this month. Scrapbooks are basically poignant memories, so for their tour, MisterWives made it a point to make moments that fans would remember them by.

We first discovered MisterWives in 2013 on Soundcloud (they were newly formed back then and was based on Brooklyn, NY). At the time, they had just released their initial EP “Reflections,” and we were instantly hooked to their funky sound and Mandy Lee’s voice. Not long after that, they performed some gigs and was eventually signed by Photo Finish. The label withdrew “Reflections” from Soundcloud and re-released it, and it got a warm welcome on iTunes.

Fast forwarding to 2015, MisterWives have now sold out concerts in cities all over the United States. Also, they have been invited to perform at music festivals, including Billboard’s Hot 100 nonetheless. This month, the band ended the tour for a sold out audience in New York (thus coming full circle to where they started). Other bands that participated in “The Scrapbook Tour” were CRUISR and Waters. To discover even more bands or artists like them and MisterWives, visit us again soon.

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