Our Best Record Player is Playing the HURTR EP — Again

best record player

Just recently, we started organizing our home recording studio equipment. Unlike our best record player (under 100 USD only, by the way) and acoustic guitar, we hardly took care of those (more expensive) stuffs. Which is a shame actually, considering that some cool local acts have rented it before to make demos. But we’re serious in tidying them up, now that we’re planning to use them when we invite touring musicians.

Now, while rummaging through our clutter (which was a lot, to be honest), we stumbled on a flash drive with the HURTR EP. We discovered the EP a few years ago, and we really liked it. And so, we plugged it on our best turntable to serve as a soundtrack for our otherwise boring housekeeping session.

Remembering All the HURT

HURTR is a duo from Portland, a collaboration by Heidi Hull (vocalist) and producer Derek Stilwell (of the powerhouse witch step Bruxa fame). Heavy beats and bleak vibes were ever present, but generally, this side hustle isn’t really similar to Derek’s main band. Kind of like a break-up EP, HURTR’s self-titled release is an aggregate of mostly dark and atmospheric pop tunes that rarely rise up to upbeat realms.

Now it turns out that HURTR released something new early this year, aptly called EP2. It’s a bit different from the first, and it kind of sounds like (dare we say) trip hop. But still, the darkness is there. Like what people say — once you go black, you never go back. Below is a track from EP2.

Spin the Black Circles!

Aside from the HURTR flash drive, we also found a few vinyl records that we thought were already gone. No, not really ultra rare — just gone in the sense that we forgot were we put them. One of them is “Sleeper,” from the San Francisco rocker Ty Segall. That album has been mentioned in no less than the Rolling Stone and New York Times. Another one is the “Wilderness EP” from Jonathan Linaberry, a.k.a. The Bones of J.R. Jones.

Never heard of them before until you got here? Then check back more often, because you are likely to discover more vinyl records here at no conclusion.

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