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FELICITA – (>’.’)># EP

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

felicita-epWe first got acquainted with the London producer Felicita back in 2010, although, as his former collaborator Palmistry so insightfully predicted, 2013 might be the year he steps his game up and starts  receiveing more attention. Evidence #1: Felicita’s new free release with an un-Google-able title (>’.’)>#. Streaming below is “Slavs Wi Sparkley Eyes”, the gorgeous opening track which doesn’t quite prepare you for the oddball electronic video-gamey sounds of the following three tunes. Download the whole EP here, oh, and don’t let that bloody video clip confuse you.



Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

va-endofcivilizationThe Italian label Mannequin is releasing a compilation of obscurities from various artists from around the world, including a couple of familiar names. Curated by Mushy, who happens to have recently made an excellent mix for yours truly, this collection shifts from minimal synth and coldwave to noisy and psychedelic stuff. The contributions from Deathday, Phosphor, and Police des Moeurs are streaming below, but I suggest you head over to Bandcamp and listen to the whole thing, especially those last few tracks.

Mannequin Records.


Thursday, January 31st, 2013

clippingLast week we found out that one of the dudes from Captain Ahab was involved with a new project, which was pretty exciting, being that the sadly disbanded duo was one of our favorite  live acts in recent years. Clipping. is comprised of CA’s Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson (a.k.a. Rale) and Daveed Diggs. The trio combines, umm, rap and harsh noise? Hell yes, please! Stream two songs and watch the trailer for their debut full-length, due out next week. “It’s Clipping., bitch.”

Clipping. on FB.


Thursday, January 24th, 2013

funerals-boosraWe haven’t heard from Funerals in a few months, and it was nice to learn that the electronic duo of  Mollie Wells and Casey Immel-Brown dropped a new release yesterday. Boo Sra Remixes collects five different takes on the stand-out track from their fine last year’s Hypermotion B EP, featuring reworks by DeathfaceDruid Cloak, MikIX The Cat, Hissy Fit, and Funerals themselves. Download the whole thing from ?????’s Bandcamp, and stream their own remix of “Boo Sra” right here:

Like Funerals? Like their guest mix?


Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

briteaid-epMaligna is a newish netlabel from Mexico City, related to the mighty NegativeYouth website, and Sour EP marks the fourth release in their catalogue. Originally hailing from Houston, the mysterious Napoli-and-Berlin-based producer Brite Aid makes noisy electronic music influenced equally by dark ambient, hip-hop and house sounds. “Escape Ring”, streaming below, is perhaps the most representative of the five tracks featured on the EP. The song has an accompanying video you can watch here. Get Sour EP from Maligna’s Bandcamp.
Escape Ring

Brite Aid on Soundcloud.


Thursday, January 17th, 2013

juliaholterarthurSo I was browsing through my social network feeds when I noticed a little title saying “Julia Holter – You & Me Both”, and I was like WHOA is this what I think it is?! Indeed, it was a Julia Holter cover of one of Arthur Russell‘s many brilliant songs. It also happens to be a live recording with a lot of background noises, but really, who cares? Although musically very different from the original, Holter’s expectedly gorgeous reinterpretation captures the vibe of Russell’s songs quite well. The track is featured on the collaborative compilation between Stones Throw and Leaving Records, due out nex tweek.


Julia Holter online.


Monday, January 14th, 2013

circuitA few months ago Circuit des Yeux announced her new release, a 10″ mini-album called CDY3, stating only that it would come out sometime in the winter. The winter is finally here, and so is CDY3, as promised, along with a stream of another new track. Showcasing Fohr’s powerful vocals, the eerily gorgeous “Lithonia” sounds quite different from the noisy “Helen, You Bitch” we featured back in October. Get CDY3 from Magnetic South, and check out Fohr’s recent guest mix.

Circuit des Facebeux.


Thursday, January 10th, 2013

deathfacebruxaSo here’s a track that brings together two of the mightiest forces in bass-oriented underground music right now. Bruxa have remixed Deathface‘s “From Beneath”, taken from last year’s excellent EP of the same name, with expectedly good results. In other related news, Deathface dropped a new video for “Six Feet Deep”, a collaboration with @LILINTERNET; and Bruxa got a remix treatment from MADDEN, whose take on “Paper Weight”,  a standout track from Bruxa’s album Victimeyez, is streaming below.

Deathface / Bruxa.


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Canada’s Electric Voice Records announced a follow-up to last year’s killer Electric Voice compilation. The songs on Electric Voice II span over more than three decades of minimal synth and industrial music, with contributions ranging from classics such as Genesis P-Orridge (Thee Majesty), Martin Dupont and Ike Yard, through forgotten gems like Nine Circles, all the way to contemporary darkwave favorites such as Tropic of CancerFrank (Just Frank) and Martial Canterel. The album artwork for Electric Voice II, set to drop in April 2013, was made by none other than Juan Mendez. Here are Tropic of Cancer, Martial Canterel, and Nine Circles contributions.  [via]

For more info on the compilation, including an interview with Genesis P-Orridge, head over to the Electric Voice website.


Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Last month, the electronic producer Slow Head announced his new full-length with a free release of the single ‘White Meteors’, available on Bandcamp. The album has been pushed back a bit, but that only gave Slow Head time to drop another track from the forthcoming LP; the excellent ‘Vanity’ which you can snatch below. The follow-up to this year’s Fire Is the Mouth of a Snake is titled Wraith Couture, and is due out this winter on  Disaro Records.


Slow Face.


Friday, November 30th, 2012

Jewels of the Nile have readied the new release we told you about back in the summer. The LA duo have been posting some new songs online over the past few weeks, and now the forthcoming EP is available for streaming in its entirety on their Soundcloud. Titled Ad Astra, the five-track release will be out on vinyl via Records Ad Nauseam in February 2013. The label started a campaign for presales, also offering some special packages – check them out and pre-order the EP over at Indiegogo. Watch the official video for the opening track ‘Gold Chains’ on YouTube, and listen to our two picks from Ad Astra right here:

Tumblr of the Nile.


Thursday, November 29th, 2012

After dropping two excellent EPs last year, the London-based production unit Nowa Huta kept quiet for most of 2012, so it was a really nice surprise to learn they released a new EP just the other day. Along with four original works, it features an Aeirs TV remix of ‘Beautiful Dreamer’, a tune Nowa Huta originally posted a few months ago. Speaking of which, the producer Joss Carter, who records under the Aeirs TV moniker, also dropped a new EP recently – you can check it out here. Peep Nowa Huta’s two dreamy garage gems below, and listen to the whole holla_e17_i’m_rain set on their Soundcloud.

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Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Having been long-time fans of Digital Leather project, we were quite excited to learn about Shawn Foree’s new project, Mere Mortals. The duo of Shawn and Rachel have been working on the album over the last few months in their living room, and decided to put it on Bandcamp while still looking for a label. Their sound is closer to the older, synth-heavy Digital Leather stuff than to his recent garagey efforts, which is perfectly fine by us. Stream half of Purple Fire, and buy it to hear the rest here.

It’s a digital blog.


Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

This ?AIMON remix of ‘Bless’, a song by the mysterious act CONCL?VE, has been on heavy rotation since it dropped last week, so I guess it was about time I finally posted it on the blog. (Plus, we haven’t posted anything with triangles in a while.) CONCL?VE’s free BLESS: REMIXES 70ml EP features reworks by a bunch of webdings enthusiasts, and ?AIMON’s creepy remix seems to take the song the furthest away from the original. It also easily stands out as the best one. Get it:



Monday, November 12th, 2012

Your run-of-the-mill musician would probably be all like ‘OMG! Bring it!’ to have Trent Reznor remix their song, but Telepathe were more like – Meh, let’s see what our friends do with it. And hell, our fans should remix it as well, ya know? *Via their forthcoming Destroyer app.* NO ONE gets out of it. Not even those wretched souls who don’t have iPhones. So you really gotta give it to Kool Thing for delivering amazingly well under all the pressure, doing that epic build-up they do so well – so much so you just want it to go on and on and are almost disappointed when it ends just short of six minutes. Killer! Also, this is the last time we’re writing about ‘Destroyer’, I promise.

TelepatheMUSIC vs KoolThingMUSIC.