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Monday, January 7th, 2013

opp_litanicmask2The final guest list in our 2012 year-end coverage comes from the Portland-based act Litanic Mask. Their eponymous debut album was released barely two months ago but it has been on heavy rotation here at No Conclusion ever since, expectedly landing high on our albums of the year list. The duo of Kenna Jean and Mark Evan Burden were kind enough to share their separate lists of some artists, tracks, albums, and mixes that marked the past year for them. Here we go, ladies first:

> E*Rock – End of Summer Mix (Future Legend Podcast 018)
Venus X
Concrete Floor
White Rainbow: Trick Shot (Bandcamp)
Miracles ClubThe Wheel
Princess DiesIV Part Two + VICE Interview
MassacooramaanTRAINWRECK (ft DJ Rashad & RP Boo)

> Mohn: Mohn
> All Fade to Mind releases
Ritualz: Outworld Music
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse
Rosenkopf: Rosenkopf

Litanic Like.


Friday, January 4th, 2013


Apart from releasing his lush I Swear mixtape, last year saw the London producer Benjamin Keating, who goes by the moniker Palmistry, collaborate with Triad God on the excellent NXB mixtape, and release some cool remixes. That mix he made for our series was pretty special too. These are a few of Keating’s 2012 favorites:

My favorite artists from 2012 were Felicita and Triad God. Both people I know well and work closely with.

Felicita and I started to make beats at the same time when we lived together back in the summer of 2010. We used to work on tracks together as Felicita & Palmistry but then began releasing tracks as solo artists as time went by. In 2012 I felt he really started to find his own sound and I’m pretty excited to see what he produces in the next few years. He comes from a noise/experimental background and he doesn’t compromise his aesthetic or sound to please others which I really respect. I wouldn’t do him justice trying to describe his music: Felicita’s Soundcloud.

On Triad God – his voice is so deep from the tone, flow, melody and content. I’ll never forget the firs time we recorded together opening up my laptop and pressing record on Ableton just using the laptop mic and Vinh sang “Sun Hing J”. Was a real special moment.  Here’s the original mix for that track:

Bonus tracks:

Palmistry on Soundcloud.


Friday, January 4th, 2013

opp_xanderharrisIt’s time for the longest post in this year’s guest list feature! …Which is still far from beating Ital’s last year contribution though. The resident synth wizard Xander Harris kicked the year off with a split single with Dylan Ettinger (whose criminally underrated LP gets a mention below), which was followed by the Chrysalid tape and the Snow Crash digital release. We were really happy to see him list a bunch of records that were on our shortlist but haven’t made it onto the final list.

10 Releases That Reaffirmed My Love of Electronic Music

As I look back, 2012 was an interesting year for Electronic music. A year filled with older artists and legends emerging from their past with material that is equal to their revered respective early bodies of work. In the midst of revisiting those artists that never really “lost it”, we visited with emerging young artists who found strong voices in the wild. These are the ten releases that I found to be particularly inspirational in their composition and sound throughout 2012.

Carter Tutti Void: Transverse [Mute Records]
Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti are giants of electronic composition. They continue to weave around boundaries and style, displaying their prowess as they swim to the top decades into their career. I was intrigued and mystified when I read that they would be collaborating with Nik Void from the amazing Factory Floor. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I had hoped the end result would knock my socks off. Transverse is everything that is right about industrial music and much, much more.

Sand Circles: Motor City [Not Not Fun Records]
Martin Herterich has accomplished a feat that few artists in the field of electronic music rarely capture: taking the tools of the past and turning those sounds into lush futuristic lullabies. A beautiful release and I wait impatiently to hear future work from this project.

Ital: Hive Mind [Planet Mu]
I’ve had a difficult time choosing between the albums Hive Mind and Dream On in regards to which one I think is stronger. I love them both but the track “First Wave” is a track I return to over and over again. Both releases resonated with me passionately and I think Ital is truly breaking the rules in house composition.

Demdike Stare: Elemental [Modern Love]
This latest transcendental record grooves on swelling fat melodies to create meditations on love while furthering the exploratory theme of sonic darkness.

VCMG: SSSS [Mute Records]
Martin Gore and Vince Clark get together to make modular techno madness. The fulfillment of the dreams of all Depeche Mode fans around the world to see these two legends finally team back up to create stunning music.

X-TG: Desertshore/The Final Report [Industrial Records]
I met this release with a little bit of sadness when I realized this will probably be the last release with new compositions from Sleazy. Throbbing Gristle, and related projects, is the reason why I create and make music. They have never let me down and they certainly exceeded my expectations on this release.

Dylan Ettinger: Lifetime of Romance [Not Not Fun Records]
A vastly underrated release that should have received more attention than it did. Natural progressions splayed out in “Metamatic” landscapes to create a strange dystopian ride.

Laurel Halo: Quarantine [Hyperdub]
This is absolutely futuristic music to me and I absolutely love the vocals. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform once and it left a very positive impression.

Mushy: Breathless [Mannequin]
This release is a beautiful late night stunner for those waiting for an expansive take on the more electronic side of 4AD. I suspect that 2013 will be a very good year for this artist.

Survive: Survive [Mannequin]
These Austin, TX slow burners command their analog alchemy into a prophetic, obsessive post-apocalyptic frenzy. Whatever you do, don’t miss seeing these guys perform live if they come anywhere close to where you live.

Xander Harris on FB.


Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

opp_bruxaBruxa‘s Victimeyez was easily one of the most exciting full-lengths to have dropped this year, which would probably explain why it made it onto our albums of the year list. Here, the Portland trio lists their favorite tracks of the past year. And although a lot of these have been on heavy rotation with us as well, we have managed to come across a couple of discoveries (that Daniel Savio track, for example). Voilà – Bruxa’s top ten tracks of 2012, in no particular order:

> Zebra KatzIma Read
> GrimesGenesis
> 100sMy Activator
> RL GrimeGrapes Alla Vodka
> Purity RingBelispeak
> Freddie GibbsThuggin’
> TNGHTHigher Ground
> Daniel SavioRevolt
> Mykki BlancoWavvy
> Sticky KPersian Algebra



Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

opp_ensemble2Brian Pyle a.k.a. Ensemble Economique sure likes to keep himself busy. In the past twelve months, he released the sublime Motion Forever split album with Lee Noble, and another interesting split release with Dubai, a record with his other project Starving Weirdos, a couple of CD-Rs… And, of course, a number of tracks posted to his regularly updated Soundcloud page – the last one, “Hey Baby”, turned up just the other day. Check out Pyle’s top 8 list of favorite things in music in 2012:

1. The Tashaki Miyaki Soundcloud page. I LOVE this band so much, some sorta timeless, wild magic in their sound, classic, rad, heart-melting. Especially their covers, man, so cool. I’m really in love with their renditions of the INXS track, “Never Tear Us Apart” and the Father John Misty track, “Hollywood Forever Sings”, “Jeeeeeesus Chriiiiiist girl”.

2. Boy Friend: “Egyptian Wrinkle”. This duo is breathtaking, all of their songs I think are great, but “Egyptian Wrinkle” is something very special. “The Space Between You And I”, I try to envision what’s happening in this song and I can almost see it, but it’s blurry and confused and intense, like the best of POP, this is the best of POP music. Everything is there and it rips your heart out. And then you press play again.

3. King Dude live. I had the profound pleasure of playing a couple shows with the King this year and each show was pure fucking magic. His records are great and live he is fucking next-level. He’s combining elements in such a cool, completely singular way, a true visionary, one of the great artists in music today, no doubt. Mesmerizing performer, in-complete-control yet with this wild sorta feeling, very cool, the coolest.

4. Keel Her Soundcloud page. Maybe the most prolific of them all. Rose has the enigmatic sorta ‘fuck you, fuck everything’ kinda radness that is undeniable, unbridled, uncompromising. More punk than anything punk, fucking RAD. She’s full-on and I’m fully with it.

5. Barn Owl, Date Palms and yours truly at the Liminal Space in Oakland back in March with live visuals from the absolute ruler, the king of super-8 film, the finest experimental filmmaker operating Paul Clipson. Just one of those nights when everything is just perfect, the air was thick with magic, the vibes so fucking cool, a perfect concert, as good as it gets. A highlight of the year for me, no doubt, for music, for art, for friendship, for everything, for LIFE, burning BRIGHT!!!

6. The insane church organ the day after easter at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris. More psych, more dark, more REAL than anything I’ve heard this year.

7. Opale, formerly known as Playground, the track “Spleen”. This piece of music is so pure, so beautiful, it gives me such wild emotions, like I’m floating and I’m floating and I’m floating. It feels like love, like I’m in love.

8. Kult Country: Slowburn. It’s the time of day when the light disappears and the night wraps around you like a blanket and she whispers in your ear and you whisper yes. It’s making out for the first time, it’s walking with your eyes closed, it’s stars shooting across the sky, a million miles an hour.

Ensemble Economique on FB.


Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

opp_aimonThe second guest list comes from the San Diego duo ?AIMON. 2012 saw the release of their mighty full-length FLATLINER, as well as a whole bunch of noteworthy remixes and mixes regularly posted on their Soundcloud page. And then there is the FLATLINER Remixes collection,  freshly released on Tundra Dub’s Bandcamp. Here’s the duo’s review of 2012:

This year has been extremely busy for us and unfortunately that means we’re still catching up on a lot of releases that probably deserve a spot on this list. With that in mind, our selection of the top 10 albums is composed of what we’ve listened to the most this year. Our reasons for these particular selections can be summed up as simply because they’ve each inspired us immensely.

Lorn: Ask The Dust
Trust: TRST
X-TG: Desertshore/The Final Report
Purity Ring: Shrines
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse
Swans: The Seer
Boyd Rice/NON: Back to Mono
Distorted Memory: Temple of the Black Star
The Ceremonial Dagger: Ghost Triangulations
Burial: Truant/Rough Sleeper

We would be extremely remiss not to mention a few of the many, many important releases from our friends and colleagues that have made a huge impact on us as well. In no particular order:

FUNERALS: Hypermotion B
Mahr: Her Embrace
I††: BSD
Men In Burka: Men In Burka
preteen pornstar: Scared New World
V?LH?LL + M‡?c?ll?: G?øs?s of ?n??qu??? / G?øs?s of ?n??qu???Remixed
Tash Willmore: Broken Bloodline / Broken Bloodline: An Alternate View
Silent Strike: Singularity
Haujobb: New World March
C/?/T (Corvx de Timor): Rise of the Night Terror
Various Artists: Robot Elephant Records vs. Tundra Dubs

Our sincere apologies if we’ve missed anyone, we are blessed to know so many incredible artists.



Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

opp_butterclockAre you done reading all the year-end lists from your favorite websites and blogs? Good, because we have some more year-end lists for you: some of our favorite artists were kind enough to share their own impressions of 2012 in music with us. We’ll kick things off with what’s probably the shortest entry in the history of this feature.
This year, Butterclock collaborated with oOoOO on the fine Our Love Is Hurting Us EP, released Fantasy Music Mixtape #1 with o F F Love, and dropped a cool mix for yours truly, among other things. We asked Laura Clock what she loved in music in the past twelve months. Turns out – not much? These are her favorite releases of the year:

> Rihanna: Unapologetic
> o F F Love: Probably Love
> Any mixtapes that Soulja Boy released on Internet



Friday, December 21st, 2012

Out of all the amazing records that came out this year, we found Laurel Halo’s Quarantine to be the most exciting (and can’t help but feel sorry for the people who have a problem with those vocals). Julia Holter misses the number one spot second year in a row, but I don’t think she’d mind since we both loved Quarantine. Speaking of which, another cool thing about 2012 is that we got to hang with a couple of our favorite acts. Anyway, there were a lot of cool records we enjoyed but just hadn’t spent that much time with them, and then there were, of course, a lot of records that we thought sucked – we’ll leave you to ponder on which of those categories whatever you think we missed falls into. These are the albums and mixtapes we’ve found ourselves returning to the most this year, listed in a somewhat particular order:

Laurel Halo: Quarantinelaurelhalo-quarantine

Julia Holter: Ekstasis

Actress: RIP

Litanic Mask: Litanic Mask

SpaceGhostPurrp: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp
Osiris of the East
Death Grips: The Money Store / NO LOVE DEEP WEB
Artificial death in the west

Vatican Shadow: Ghosts of Chechnya / Ornamented Walls
Voices Came Crackling Across a Motorola Hand-Held Radio
Light Asylum: Light Asylum
Pope Will Roll

Purity Ring: Shrines

Le1f: Dark York andystott-luxury

Tamaryn: Tender New Signs
Violet’s in a Pool

Andy Stott: Luxury Problems

Holy Other: Held

Chairlift: Something
Met Before
Scott Walker: Bisch Bosch

Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts: Chrome Lips

Chelsea Wolfe: Unknown Roomsvessel-orderofnoise

Vessel: Order of Noise

Trust: TRST
Bruxa: Victimeyez
Roll Sharp

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland: Black Is Beautiful
Raime: Quarter Turns Over a Living Line
Jeremih: Late Nights with Jeremih
Holly Herndon: Movement
Cooly G: Playin Mehollyherndon-movement
Grimes: Visions
Chromatics: Kill for Love
Evian Christ: Kings and Them
Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
Sand Circles: Motor City
Swans: The Seer
Recondite: On Acid
Silent Servant: Negative Fascinationrecondite-on_acid
X-TG: Desertshore/The Final Report
Human Teenager: Animal Husbandry
Dreamers: Dreamers
Palmistry: I Swear
iamamiwhoami: Kin
Samara Lubelski: Wavelength
Lee Noble/Ensemble Economique: Motion Forever

BEST OF 2012: EPs

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Before we drop what’s probably considered to be the ultimate year-end list (ya know, albums), here are some of our favorite EPs of 2012. The only label to appear more than once on this list is, umm, Self-Released. Good job, guys.

Arca: Stretch 1
arca-stretch1Truly Carrying

Vatican Shadow: September Cell
Cairo Is a Haunted City

Tropic of Cancer: I Feel Nothing / Permissions of Love
The One Left


Fatima Al Qadiri: Desert Strike
Ghost Raid

Nguzunguzu: Warm Pulse
Smoke Alarm

King Felix: Spring
Spring 01


Wife: Stoic

Twigs: Twigs

Kool Thing: Light Games
This Is the Place

Rachel Haircut: Reserve
Make U Move

Charli XCX: You’re the One
You’re the One

Anna Meredith: Black Prince Fury

Burial: Kindred / Truant/Rough Sleeper

LA Vampires by Octo Octa: Freedom 2K
Freedom 2K

Nightmare Fortress: Until the Air Runs Out

Deathface: From Beneath
Body Count (feat. Star Eyes)

Water Borders: Each Dream a Scheme
Each Dream a Scheme Part I (Excerpt)


ManMachine: I Hate Human Race / 2 Songs About Death
I Hate Human Race

Ritualz / Funerals: Hypermotion X/B
Rhythmic Release

Blawan: His He She & She
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

This isn’t exactly a regular “favorite tracks of the year” post. The title should really be: “A somewhat random collection of tracks and remixes that 1) we can remember playing repeatedly over a certain period of time in the past twelve months, and 2) are not featured on the records from our forthcoming albums and EPs of the year lists because we will include some songs into those posts too, and we wouldn’t want to repeat ourselves or bore you with extensive 100 items lists”. But I don’t know, that just sounded a bit too long… ~ Why you have to go and make things so complicated?


Six Six SecondsTearing Down Heaven

John MausBennington (2007)


Indian JewelryEva Cherie


CrawanderProphit / Pro Bono Vox

Zebra KatzIma Read (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Mykki BlancoWavvy (Produced by Brenmar)

CREEPCall Her (feat. Tricky & Alejandra de la Deheza)

Distorted Memory x Lil KimBlack Fields X The Jump Off (Fostercare Mash Edit)


Alice CohenMauve Mood (Gavin Russom Remix)

Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing

KrigetDon’t Worry, It Will Be Over Soon

Autre Ne VeutCounting


Dylan EttingerWintermute

Featureless GhostKnow-U

Led Er EstKaiyo Maru

M.I.A.Bad Girls


Mushy – My Life So Far

White CarNow We Continue

oOoOONo Way Back (feat. Butterclock)




Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Water Borders‘ debut album made it in our top 10, and here are top 10 albums of the year from both members of the duo. Harbored Mantras is out now on Tri Angle.

Pinch & Shackleton: S/T
Portable: Into Infinity
Blawan: What You Do With What You Have / everything else he did in 2011
Perc: Wicker & Steel
Peaking Lights: 936
Holy Other: With U
Andy Stott: Passed Me By / We Stay Together
Drake: Take Care
Byetone: Symeta
Chelsea Wolfe: ??????????

Cindytalk: Hold Everything Dear
Julia Holter: Tragedy
Prizehog: Thought Nest
Ayshay: Warn U
Of The Wand & The Moon: The Lone Descent
Aelter: III
Planningtorock: W
Chelsea Wolfe: ??????????
Leyland Kirby: Eager to Tear Apart the Stars
Gang Gang Dance: Eye Contact


Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Soft Metals‘ Patricia & Ian listed over 40 of their favorite releases of 2011, check them out below. Glad to see Silk Flowers and Kindest Lines getting some love.
Soft Metals’ self-titled debut LP is out now on Captured Tracks.

We probably forgot some really amazing ones, but these spring to mind. Releases in alphabetical order:

Frank Alpine: Frank Alpine [Wierd Records]
Animal Bodies: Kiss of the Fang [Sweating Tapes]
Arohan: Going [Sweating Tapes]
Austra: Feel It Break [Domino]
Bestial Mouths: Hissing Veil [Dias]
Blouse: Blouse [Captured Tracks]
Bronze: Copper [RVNG]
Disco Nihilist: Running Far Away [Running Back]
Finesse: Elevate/ Believe [Ecstacy]
Grimes: Darkbloom [Arbutus/ Hippos In Tanks]
Xander Harris: Urban Gothic [Not Not Fun]
HTRK: Work [Work, Work] : [Ghostly]
Tim Hecker: Dropped Pianos [Kranky]
Innergaze: Shadow Disco [100% Silk]
Jeff & Jane Hudson: Flesh [Captured Tracks/ Dark Entries]
Jewels of the Nile: Pleasure [ Desire]
Joie Noire: 1 [Desire]
Kindest Lines: Covered in Dust [Wierd Records]
Suzanne Kraft: Morning Come [Running Back]
Philippe Laurent: Hot Bip [Minimal Wave]
Legowelt: Teac Life [self released]
Light Asylum: In Tension [Mexican Summer]
John Maus: We Must Become The Pittiless Censors of Ourselves [Ribbon Music/Upset The Rhythm]
Moon Duo: Mazes [Sacred Bones]
Mushy: Faded Heart [Mannequin]
Mutant Beat Dance: Another World / New News Is Old News [Rong]
Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica [ Mexican Summer/ Software]
Pictureplane: Thee Physical [Lovepump United]
The Present Moment: Loyal To A Fault [Mannequin/ Desire]
Silk Flowers: Ltd. Form [Post Present Medium]
Sleep Over: Forever [Hippos in Tanks]
Soft Moon: Tota Decay [Captured Tracks]
Solvent: RDJCS5 [Suction]
Steve Summers: Mode For Love [Long Island Electrical Systems]
//TENSE//: TV Teach Me/Control 7″ [Answering Machine]
Terminal Twilight: House of Love [Infinite Soundtracks]
Tunnels: The Blackout [Thrill Jockey]
Tycho: Dive [Ghostly]
Vice Device/Hot Victory: Split 7″ [Sweating Tapes]
Violet Tremors: Time Is The Traitor [VT Records]
Virgo Four:Resurrection[Rush Hour]
Visage Musique: Volume 1 [Visage Musique]
Xeno & Oaklander: Sets & Lights album [Wierd Records]
Zola Jesus: Conatus [Sacred Bones]


Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Belong‘s excellent Common Era was released this spring on Kranky. One half of the duo, Mike Jones, made a mix for our guest mix series, and now the other half, Turk Dietrich, names some of his favorite things from 2011.

A sampling of some stuff I liked in 2011:

Byetone: Symeta
Dylan Ettinger: Lion of Judah 7″
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: Shining Skull Breath
KPLR: Untitled
Niggas With Guitars – ‘Ethnic Frenzy’ (not the album, just this song)
Objekt: EP1
Omar-S – ‘Ganymede’
Plastikman: Spastik Jack/Slinky/Baktrak
Shabazz Palaces: Black Up
Sandwell District: Feed Forward
Tropic of Cancer: The Sorrow of Two Blooms
Vanessa Veselka: “Zazen”


Friday, December 30th, 2011

London production unit Nowa Huta put out a fine debut EP a few months ago and a great set of three new songs recently. Here’s what they liked in music in 2011.

To avoid mentioning a lotta the same shit as a bunch of other lists, we gonna try & rep a few tunes that haven’t been mentioned quite so much… (Albums by Terius Nash, Clams Casino, Oneohtrix & Watch The Throne were v special this year tho… Just sayin’.) Here we go:

Palmistry – ‘Black Creps’
First few seconds of this alone are enough to crush hearts… Where the synths sound like waking up in a dream-haze and then suddenly remembering that the one you love has gone away. Deep. Grimey. Genuine classic. Man, I can listen to this one over & over…

Loney, Dear – ‘My Heart (Holy Strays rmx)’
Holy Strays didn’t get enough love for this… What was an earnestly triumphant indie-folk thing is recast into this thick psych-stew of yearning, based around a stuttering beat that almost falls apart at the end of every bar, only just about held together by a metronomic ticking clock. This guy operates in a new and special place.

William Cody Watson: Night Music for Driving
This album is like a composite soundtrack to every road movie ever. Simultaneously seductive and menacing – it throbs and flows like a machine come alive. Drive around at night with this on and nowhere to go – get lost with it.

Ghost Town DJs – ‘My Boo (Balam Acab remix)’
Ok, lots of people probably heard this already, but it’s sublime qualities were quickly passed over I think… The care taken over every element that seeps in over the course of these 3 1/2 minutes, that so deftly develop the sense of depth… Just incredible. Check those sheets of metallic noise that make the last chorus the biggest = best Balam Acab production this year.

.cp – ‘Can’t Get You out of My Head’
Insanely beautiful dejected dance music. When those moaning vocals hit proper, the whole thing just takes off. If you’re dancing on your own, this is the one. Perfect melancholia.

Beyonce – ‘I Miss You (Male version)’
Frank Ocean‘s minimal beauty becomes just the absolute most heart-crushing thing ever when Beyonce’s vox are screwed down to sound like a dude. So special. Been living inside this edit since I heard it.

Angel Haze – ‘Higher’ / ‘Fall for Your Type’
Ok so 1st tune’s an original production, the latter’s 1 of Angel Haze’s amazing remixes that just sinks the original into irrelevenace. Both absolute fire on all fronts… Really, I liked the ASAP Rocky tape as much as most, but shit it feels nice to hear someone this fuckin good & with something to actually rap about.. Girl makes pretty much all rappers sound like useless 1-dimensional automatons, which they pretty much all are.

Felicita – ‘Flowers and Swords’
Avant-garde dance music that puts me in a total trance. Everytime I listen to this, I swear, the sonic detail is gorgeous enough that I just get lost in it… And on top of that, compositionally it’s also a maze. Kinda feels like this overwhelming puzzle that continues to elude me the more I listen. Way deep.


Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Continuing with our guest lists feature! Steve Hauschildt shares his top 5 favorite music videos released in 2011. Rebecca Black gets a mention, and so does Nyan Cat. Alright!
Steve’s album 
Tragedy & Geometry is out now on Kranky. And he too made an awesome mix for us this year.

1. Kathleen Daniel – Getta Life
I’ve been following Kathleen’s work for a couple years now, and it’s only been getting weirder. Some days it seems like she is the only true visionary left, or that she is some kind of oracle with divine insight. She isn’t very prolific – she only releases a handful of videos per year but they are always completely thought-provoking and inspiring. To create something that is simultaneously out-of-time & yet so of-the-now is nearly impossible to achieve deliberately, yet Kathleen manages to do this effortlessly over and over. I can’t really think of anything more psychedelic or utterly ‘outsider’ as her animations & songs. Getta Life is her most accessible song of the year.

2. Martinelli – American Band
Martinelli is the Italo-disco duo and songwriting team of Simona Zanini and Aldo Martinelli. They’ve worked with Radiorama, Valerie Dore, etc. I think one of the best and more well known older songs they co-wrote was the seminal ‘Feel the Drive’ by Doctor’s Cat. Their song ‘Victoria’ is well worth seeking out as well, amongst others. 2011 marked the return of Martinelli proper, and this is the video to accompany the new single ‘American Band’. Although it is a blatant (and clearly intentional) stylistic departure, it’s well written. It’s not clear who directed this video, but it’s amazing how they are kind of poking fun at the whole ‘end of the world’ scenario. Where Godfrey Reggio’s footage of stark and sterile glass ziggurats reflecting the clouds were supposed to spell the end, here Zanini/Martinelli freely walk and play about in utter naivety to the very embodiment of the great American dystrophy. The use of scale just throws everything off with the iconography of freedom, it’s so beautiful.

3. Alexanderpaul – G-thing
I’m trying to figure this one out still, that’s why I like it so much.

4. Rebecca Black – Friday (In Hell)
I was really obsessed with idea of ‘Hell’ this year. There are so many different variations of the concept, and there are numerous videos that pertain to ‘what it’s like’ in Hell. Here we have poor Rebecca Black, starry-eyed and caught in the quicksand of the ‘meme.’ This iteration stands out, the editing is so meticulous and terrible. And the actual audio manipulation is not far off from the whole ‘in G-major’ phenomenon. But this video was made this year, and was taken down for a day or so due to some false copyright claim. It’s a byproduct of boredom but moreso contempt for the automation of Pop. The name Ark Music Factory elicits imagery from not only Noah, but Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings where the Orcs are making all of those cast-iron things or whatever in that one part. Formulae and the assembly line. There’s nothing more God-like then sending something to hell. For related videos, see Barney in G-Major & Nyan Cat in Hell.

5. Joe Jeremiah – Nyan Cat (Cover)
Word on the streetz is Roedelius plays a MicroKorg live. But he can’t rip 1 like good ole Joseph here. Surprised this hasn’t really blown up yet. The last 20 seconds are the most crucial part though. Dan Lopatin once begged the question ‘Will They Remember F-Zero’? In a million years, who will remember the Nyan Cat synth cover?