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Monday, November 25th, 2013

gm72textbeakkachinaNo Conclusion is not deAd! It just tends to fall into hibernation every couple of months. However, what we have here is a long-awaited guest mix by Mike Textbeak, made in collaboration with his fellow promoter and DJ, Kachina. A prominent fixture on the Cleveland, Ohio scene, Textbeak is well known for weird-ass electronic music releases on labels such as Tundra Dubs, Post_Religion and others, as well as for his genre-blasting DJ sets. You might also be familiar with his remixes for the likes of ∆AIMON, Bestial Mouths, Outlands and Tamara Sky. Textbeak’s new EP that just came out on EverythingIsChemical as a free download features three new tracks and remixes by H3X3N (from 3TEETH and Lil Death), WMX (from Bestial Mouths), and Apollyon’s Visage, with artwork by Calla Donofrio.
…Which brings us to the mix, as the opening track happens to be the Apollyon’s Visage remix from the aforementioned Virtual 7″. Then there’s some BLVCK CEILING, Le1f, VALIS, Deathface, Teams and a bunch of other interesting acts. A bunch indeed: as many as 41 tracks have been cobbled together in this epic almost-two-hours long mix shifting through all kinds of moods and styles. All in all, it’s a pretty insane and intense affair, so it would probably be best if we just left you to it. Go have a blast.


01. Textbeak – Conquered (Ƈȣηῦȣӄę Remix By ѦPѺLLYѺN’S ▼ISѦGE)
02. Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half (AAIMON Remix)
04. Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half (BITES Remix)
05. STRAIGHT RAZOR – Whiskey & Ativan (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
06. DJ Hell + Klaus Nomi – Cold Song 2013 (DJ Hell Official Remix)
07. The Mystic Underground – Those Evil Urges
08. EMELKAY – Space Hopper (H3X3N Remix)
10. TSTI – Match To Friendship (Roladex Remix)
11. spf5Ø – ❐~❍~❏
13. Attaque – Public Order
14. Clauss La Morgue – Crazy Remake
15. Mad Major Melvin – Sad Wife (Madden’s Saevajo Remix)
16. Si Begg – Entry Level Portable Synthesizer
17. Maelstrom – Hunger
18. LORD OF THE FLYEZ – Loving You
19. Ta-ku – Closet Drake Fans
20. DJ Assault & Socalled – Sleepover (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
21. NФΔH ஜ3 – §ℭΔЯŁ€†
22. Crown Hutch – QUARTZ
23. Le1f – Damn Son (produced by Shy Guy)
24. Erick Arc Elliott – 25
25. Dylan Ross – Zag Like A Witch (pro. Rob People)
26. Gerard McMann – Cry, Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) (Kiwi edit)
28. V I O L E N C E – i love u
29. D∆YDRE▼M – jodi
31. Ceremonial Dagger – Bloodless
33. Ghettoscraper – Ghettogoth
34. Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid
35. Deathface & Lil Internet – 6 Feet Deep (The Panacea VIP)
36. Ulterior – The Locus of Control (Godmode Remix)
37. Teams – Alchemy
38. VALIS – Don’t Recall
39. Re-Arbeiten – Brutemachine
40. Astro Zu – Zillion Dollar Uh
41. Jii-Music – Mourning The Wendigo

Textbeak @ Soundcloud. Kachina @ FB.


Friday, July 26th, 2013

gm71vaghestelleMThis year, summer break creeped up on No Conclusion way sooner than we had expected, and the worst part is – we’re not even on vacation… Well, at least not yet. Be it as it may, we are going to close the season with this superb mix from the Italian producer Daniele Mana, better known as Vaghe Stelle, who put out en excellent EP on Danse Noire earlier this year. He’s working on a US tour for late September with Aïsha Devi and a special guest. Oh and if you happen to be in southern Italy next weekend, you should probably attend this.
Consisting of  14 outsider techno, house and hip-hop tracks by mostly little-known producers, Vaghe Stelle’s mix is pure experimental electronic joy. It also features a couple of his own tracks, including that stellar collaboration with Aïsha Devi from the aforementiond Out of Body EP. Enjoy the mix and have a nice summer! XXXO.


01. O.O.B.E. – V
02. Best Available Technologies – Chm bss clp Maxell 94
03. Hav Lyfe – No Title 22
04. DJ Paul – Glock N My Draws
05. Vaghe Stelle feat. Aisha Devi – Devotion
06. One Circle – Please
07. Physical Therapy – Do It Alone
08. One Circle – Flight To Forever
09. Dave Saved – No More Dreams
10. Vaghe Stelle – Sweet Sixteen
11. Traag – White Wall
12. Vaghe Stelle – 4th Hope
13. Dynooo – الفاصوليا هلام
14. Stargate – Roppongi Hills

Like Vaghe Stelle.


Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

gm70clippingRecently we asked the Los Angeles trio Clipping. to make a guest mix for No Conclusion. We haven’t heard from them at all in weeks, until this baby landed in our inbox the other day, accompanied by a plea that it be posted as close as possible to the release date of Kanye West’s Yeezus. Clearly, we had no choice but to oblige.
Now, I don’t even know where to start in describing what (y)our new favorite harsh-rap act has cooked  up for us. Don’t let the lenghty tracklist put you off, Clipping. made these zillion songs fit into a mix that’s barely twenty minutes long. The sound of someone frantically switching between radio stations, OR a brilliant cross section of contemporary music: this mix is above all insanely fun. Insane and fun. Awesome. Whatever. It’s guest mix, bitch.


“Yeezus Highlight #1″
Gangsta Boo “Bodies”
Young Thug “Picacho”
Big Bank Black & Future “Missing”
Haim “Send Me Down”
Justin Timberlake “Strawberry Bubblegum”
Alberich “Image of Progress”
“Yeezus Highlight #2″
Mykki Blanco “Angggry Byrdz”
Western Tink & Beautiful Lou “Today”
A$AP Rocky “Fashion Killa (Produced by Friendzone)”
Rich Boy “Gangsta Gangsta”
Patric Catani “Dreadlock Medusa”
Gunplay “Cocaina”
Moment Trigger “Triple Dipped”
Clipping. “Get It”
“Yeezus Highlight #3″
Cassie “Bad Bitches”
King T “It Ain’t Eazy”
Kool John “Yabitch”
“Yeezus Highlight #4″
Problem “Like Whaaat”
Cocc Pistol Cree “Ladykiller (produced by DJ Mustard)”
Pharmakon “Pitted”
“Yeezus Highlight #5″
Uncluded “Delicate Cycle”
DJ Skull Vomit “Antigoon”
Youth Code “Sick Skinned”
“Yeezus Highlight #6″
Bad News “Bath Salts”
Cakes Da Killa “Goodie Goodies”
Haxan Cloak “Excavation (Part Two)”
Still Corners “Fireflies”
Cassie “Do My Dance”
Daft Punk “Contact”
“Yeezus Highlight #7″
Sissisters “I Want To Tell You”

It’s Clipping. bitch dot com.
Photo by Sarah Sitkin.


Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

gm69bestialmouths2It’s been ages since the last guest mix, and when we had finally arranged one, it turned to be – cursed. It took a few computer meltdowns, hard drive crashes, and failed uploads, but now it is here at last! And it was well worth the wait.
The mix in question comes courtesy of the LA quartet Bestial Mouths, who are unleashing their new full-length record in two weeks via Clan Destine Records. They have also contributed to Weyrd Son Records’ recent Snowy Red tribute album with a mighty cover of “Never Alive”, which you can stream here along with the rest of the comp. Opening with some sick Litanic Mask and Funerals demos, Bestial Mouths’ guest mix grips you at the very beginning and just does not let you go until the end of a 45-minute frenetic ride through the wonderful sounds of bleak techno and industrial obscurities. Nevertheless, we’re pleased:


01. Litanic Mask – Total Waste (Demo)
02. Funerals – Liceu (Demo)
03. Regis – Blinding Horses
04. Die Selektion – Triumph
05. Dalhous – You Don’t Know What You Want, Do You?
06. Vice Device – Even Blind (Demo)
07. Sythe – On the Shroud
08. VOWS – 101
09. Nostalgie Eternelle – Nevertheless, I’m Pleased
10. Tifaret – Theosophy (Demo)
11. Anticipation – Sexuality 2

Bestial Sounds.


Friday, February 22nd, 2013

gm68maddenAfter a string of mostly experimental and weird-ass guest mixes, we figured it was about time for one full-on party mix. Or, well, we didn’t actually – we just asked MADDEN to do a guest mix and what he came up with sounds pretty much like a perfect soundtrack to a wild night out. That shouldn’t be particularly surprising, considering that MADDEN has made a name for himself making interesting remixes for the likes of Bruxa and Men in Burka, as well as some wonderfully weird takes on pop hits. You should also check out his aptly named TUMBLRWAV EP, released late last year on Post-Religion. As for this mix, in a little under an hour, MADDEN takes us through a bunch of crazy and mostly lesser known remixes/edits, including a few of his own. If I decide to throw a spontaneous birthday party tonight, this is definitely getting a spin.

NC GUEST MIX#68:  M4DDXN’s No Conclusion Mix 2013

01. Ca$h Out – Cashin’ Out (M?DDEN Horsedog Named Keisha Mix)
02. Mariah Carey – I’ll Be Lovin U (DESIGNER DRUGS REMIX)
04. 2 Chainz x Skudge – Riot x Convolution (Wak Lyf Left Knuckle Edit)
05. jvxcvm – M?DDEN
06. Dj Big O feat. Dj Sliink – Make Me Proud(CartelMusicRemix)
07. 2 Chainz feat. Drake – No Lie (Cashmere Cat Remix)
08. Dj K Millz x VERB & BLEEP BLOOP – Tap Dat Donk Opulence (M?DDEN Mix)
09. $1 Bin + M?DDEN – We Don’t Feel Like You Do ($WVZY Remix)
10. Nadus x Kuddie J – Make Me Feel
11. Lao – If It’s Lovin’ (GIRL Bootleg)
12. Salem x Rotterdam Terror Corps x Westside Schmucks – Lemme King Night (M?DDEN Mix)
13. Usher – Climax (Duchovny Remix)
14. Willy Joy – With Eyes Wide Open
15. Major Lazer – Get Free (Andy C Remix)

MADDEN on Soundcloud.


Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

gm67peteswansonWe’re more than happy to present you with a guest mix by the mighty Pete Swanson. His new EP, entitled Punk Authority and set for release on March 12 via Software, is now available for pre-order. If the fabulous first single “Life Ends at 30″ is anything to go by, the forthcoming release may be his most exciting work to date.
Here, Swanson delivers an expectedly unexpected selection of more and less obscure tracks from the realms of experimental, electronic, drone, noise, and contemporary classical music. He also includes a couple of unreleased tracks and edits, but hey, I guess it’s best that we let him introduce the mix himself: “There’s not much of a theme other than this being music I’ve been listening to lately. This is what my roommates have to put up with on a daily basis. Lately they’ve been thwarting my efforts with Solange and AlunaGeorge, which I find to be far from the worst music that could be blasted at you. Most of the music that I’ve been playing lately, that I wish I could include is unfinished work from Howse and Goodwin, who are both working on really fantastic tracks right now. A lot of these tracks are from records that I attempted to “recommend” to another magazine that wasn’t receptive to my suggestions, so I’ll take this opportunity to give those albums their due.” Those are some very lucky roommates. Also, I wonder what that magazine was, and what exactly did they expect to get from someone like Pete Swanson? Anyway, better for us!


01. Emptyset – Core (edit)
02. Roberto Cacciapaglia – Sonanze (3rd movement)
03. Pete Swanson – unreleased
04. Charles Dodge – Speech Songs – A Man Sitting in the Cafeteria
05. Pierre Henry – Variations For A Door And A Sigh (edit)
06. Hair Police – Scythed Wide
07. Brooks Arthur Ensemble – Hang on Sloopy
08. Darius Dolat-Shahi – Razm
09. Ruth White – Hanged Man
10. Sensate Focus vs. Heatsick – Deviation Heat-Treated Y (edit)
11. Akos Rozmann – 12 Stationer Cross III (edit)
12. Bulbs – Sees
13. Leech – Sense Enjoyer
14. Jerome Notinger/Will Guthrie – Carpet Burn

NC GUEST MIX#67: PETE SWANSON by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Pete Swanson on Twitter.


Friday, January 11th, 2013

gm66mushyOur first guest mix of 2013 was made by Valentina Fanigliulo, the Italian artist better known as Mushy. Her second full-length, Breathless, a collection of ice-cold dreamy synth-pop gems, was released on Mannequin Records last year. Apparently a new release will have to wait at least until spring. Mushy is currently on tour in Europe, promoting the latest album; check out the  live dates here.
Her mix, entitled “Formless Wolrds Pass By Me”, is pretty much the perfect soundtrack to the shitty-weathered snowless winter that we’re having here, but I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate it regardless of the climate circumstances. It opens with a Tim Hecker cut from his phenomenal 2011 album Ravedeath, 1972, which appropriately sets the tone for the rest of the mix. All kinds of experimental electronic goodness – from ambient and drone through industrial and noise to techno, from last year’s favorites to some lesser known eighties’ acts, are all blended together in one perfectly flowing, dark yet pleasant set.

NC GUEST MIX#66: MUSHY – Formless Wolrds Pass By Me

01. Tim Hecker – Hatred of Music II
02. Ramleh – Bite The Bolster
03. Ricardo Donoso – Reflection & Rotation
04. Andy Stott – We Stay Together
05. Factrix – Phantom Pain
06. Raime – You Cast Will Tire
07. Psychic TV – Terminus
08. Ssaliva – Tridimensional
09. Nagamatzu – Watch & Waste

NC GUEST MIX#66: MUSHY by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Mushy on FB.


Monday, December 17th, 2012

gm65rachelhaircutThe 20th and final guest mix of the year comes from the electronic act Rachel Haircut. Comprised of Hayden Quinn and James Hewson, the Melbourne duo say that we can definitely expect a new release from them in 2013, perhaps even a few releases. Their magnificent Reserve EP, released via Aural Sects this summer, is available for free download: If you haven’t heard it yet, well, better get on it.
Much like their own productions and remixes,  this live mix features an eclectic blend of various different styles – spanning from from left-field future garage and downtempo, through hip-hop and dubstep, to IDM and some trippy electronics, while clocking in at barely thirty minutes. Consider this an early Christmas present, should the world not end on Friday, of course. Stream and/or download:


01. Inkarv – I’m Falling
02. King L – My Hoes They Do Drugs
03. Mr. Mitch – Bethlem Royal
04. Seraph – The Rush
05. Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (Instrumental)
06. Machinedrum – Whatnot
07. Kahn – Dread
08. DJ Funeral – Last Breakfast
09. 618 – Freak You
10. Slew Dem – Playground Vocal
11. XTC – Functions on the Low
12. Groundislava – Cool Party
13. Unicorn Kid – Need U
14. Chuck Person – Eccojam A3

NC GUEST MIX#65: RACHEL HAIRCUT by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Rachel Haircut online.


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

We’re kicking off the end of the world *slash* Holiday season with this sick mix by Clay Ruby of Burial Hex fame. He has a new 7″ called Fantasie und Fuge über das Thema B-A-C-H coming out this winter – the stunning A-side is featured on this mix, and is streaming here. Winter will also see the release of Burial Hex remixes of the likes of Young Hunting, ?AIMON, and Madden. As for a new full-length, that will have to wait until spring, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted. Now let’s take a look at “Our Final Eclipse Mix”; instead of writing a classic tracklist and description, we’ll just let the man introduce the mix himself.

“The first half of this mix is simply an eclectic mix of outsider dancefloor, sex/death electro, featuring a couple choice Death Coast mash-ups, the A-side of a new Burial Hex single, a new Feral Love demo, mixed with selections by DJ Nate, Reload, House Shoes featuring Danny Brown, Reso, Miguel, Rihanna and much more.
The second half of this mix is something I have always meant to indulge in, it is a lengthy mega-mix of various tracks from the catalogs of Booty Bar and GTI Records. I first got into Disco D and some of his associates in 2005, just a couple years before he took his own life. A tragedy which gave a jarring and sad new context for a style of music that was usually so much fun. Though, it always seemed to me that his labels were the ones to offer the more dark and sinister electro flavors of the Booty House / Ghettotech sound; and though this is what I liked about his label’s records in particular, the unique mood of these records might also have been an indicator of his own depressive inclinations. Long live Disco D!”

NC GUEST MIX#64: CLAY RUBY (BURIAL HEX) by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Burial Bandcamp Soundcloud Hex.


Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

We first asked Indian Jewelry to make a guest mix for NC a couple of years ago, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen then, and I guess it just slipped our minds or something. However, when we learned that they were putting out a new record, the thought that instantly came to mind was “Wait, whatever happened with that Indian Jewelry mix?!” So we just had to ask them again, and they were kind enough to send something over pretty soon.
With twenty tracks clocking in at around forty minutes, and stretching from rock classics to experimental obscurities, this mix is expectedly insane and all over the place. And although the tracklist might look a little schizophrenic, the mix never sounds like Indian Jewelry are trying particularly hard to be eclectic; after all, we’re talking about a band whose sound was never really easy to pin down. Oh, one more thing – I can’t believe it took 63 guest mixes for someone to finally include Tina Turner. Cheers guys!


01. Leonard Cohen – Who By Fire
02. Crash Worship – Pyru
03. Serge Gainsbourg – Nazi Rock
04. A.R. Kane – A Love from Outer Space
05. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
06. Betty Davis – Walking Up the Road
07. Royal Trux – Another Year
08. Lubricated Goat – In the Raw
09. Nick Cave – The Singer
10. The Wiggins – Sick
11. Brian Eno – Ring of Fire
12. Josef K – Romance
13. Von Sudenfed – The Rhinohead
14. Plastic de Reve – Rodeo Mechanique
15. Prince – Soft and Wet
16. Ike and Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits
17. T. Rex – The Slider
18. Gene Vincent & The Echoes – Mr Loneliness
19. Electric Set – Ghost
20. Roxy Music – Avalon

NC GUEST MIX#63: INDIAN JEWELRY by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Their new album Peel it is out today via Reverb Appreciation Society, you can order it here. Indian Jewelry online.


Thursday, November 8th, 2012

If we haven’t posted anything in a while, that’s because we were in Berlin. And if it’s taking us too long to get back in the loop, that’s because we’re still recovering. And what better way to get things going again than by posting a new guest mix, right?
Number 62 comes from Haley Fohr, the young musician performing under the name Circuit Des Yeux. *Watch out for her upcoming Magnetic South release this winter!* Onto the mix. In Fohr’s own words, “they are records that are just my favorites, go-to’s, and ones that have miraculously survived many record purges I have done through the years, so that must mean they’ve done something to my psyche.” You can sure tell how this mixture of noisy lo-fi, experimental, industrial and psychedelic folk sounds might have informed her sound. Now get on this:


01. Throbbing Gristle – Weapon Training
02. Throbbing Gristle – Eeh Ahhoooh
03. Desperate Bicycles – Medium Was Tedium
04. Jonathan Halper – I Am a Hermit
05. The Front – Aluminum Room (at 33 rpm)
06. Kaleidoscope – Dive Into Yesterday
07. The Electric Bunnies – All the Pretty Girls Have Gone to the Beach
08. Ron House & The Harrisburg Players – Our Love to the 3rd Power
09. Black Humor – Undancing in the Dirt
10. Bill Orcutt – Crossroads

NC GUEST MIX#62: CIRCUIT DES YEUX by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Circuit des Likes.


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

We have this little feature on the blog that we ocasionally forget about – it’s called “guest mix“, and the last one was posted back before the summer break. Now we’re finally ready to kick off the new season of the series with a mix from Dubai, a Franco-American duo comprised of Anna Barie and Johannes Buff. They have recently put out a fab split EP with another guest mix’d act Ensemble Economique for Clan Destine Records.
This short mix is a gorgeous hazy affair that reminded me of some stuff I haven’t listened to in ages, like The Fun Years. One of the side-effects the mix might induce is going through the Broadcast discography and crying like a baby. Oh well! Perhaps I’d better leave it to Barie and Buff to introduce their mix: “It’s called ‘Franco-American Girlfriend’ and features songs by friends and people we admire, as well as dreamily uncomfortable samples from The Night of the Hunter (1955) and Badlands (1973). Like honey, lemon and blood.” Sweet.

NC GUEST MIX#61: DVBAI – Franco-Americain Girlfriend Mix

01. Beak – Backwell
02. GaBLé – “Drunk Fox in London” / “Pretty Fly” from The Night of the Hunter
03. FAY – Shadow II
04. Matthew Dear – Around a Fountain
05. Badlands Mickey & Sylvia “Love Is Strange” /  GaBLé ghost track
06. Broadcast – I Found the F
07. The Fun Years – Little Vapors
08. Bear In Heaven – Space Remains
09. Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM

NC GUEST MIX#61: DUBAI by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Dubai online.


Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The excellent self-titled debut full-length by Portland trio Blouse definitely counts as one of our favorite 2011 albums discovered in 2012. So we were more than pleased to get a mix from Blouse’s Patrick Adams. As he informs us, the band is currently recording new music; they are playing a couple of festivals in the States this Summer, and hope to hit Europe in the Fall. Follow them on Facebook for updates.
On to the mix! It guides you through a brief history of dreamy mellow pop songs, from dusty psych pop and rock to eighties’ indie classics, plus a pair of obscure dream-pop gems. Primal Scream into This Mortal Coil’s epic Big Star cover: why not? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and put on some old Go-Betweens albums while you listen to this:

NC GUEST MIX#60: Blouse

01. Simon & Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair/Canticle
02. Dorothy – Softness
03. The Go-Betweens – Cattle and Cane
04. Love – Andmoreagain (Alternate Mix Version)
05. Françoise Hardy – Voilà
06. Antena – Achilles
07. The Byrds – 5D (Fifth Dimension)
08. Primal Scream – Love You
09. This Mortal Coil – Kangaroo
10. Tommy James & The Shondells – Crimson and Clover (Single Version)

NC GUEST MIX#60: BLOUSE by Noconclusion on Mixcloud