gm66mushyOur first guest mix of 2013 was made by Valentina Fanigliulo, the Italian artist better known as Mushy. Her second full-length, Breathless, a collection of ice-cold dreamy synth-pop gems, was released on Mannequin Records last year. Apparently a new release will have to wait at least until spring. Mushy is currently on tour in Europe, promoting the latest album; check out the  live dates here.
Her mix, entitled “Formless Wolrds Pass By Me”, is pretty much the perfect soundtrack to the shitty-weathered snowless winter that we’re having here, but I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate it regardless of the climate circumstances. It opens with a Tim Hecker cut from his phenomenal 2011 album Ravedeath, 1972, which appropriately sets the tone for the rest of the mix. All kinds of experimental electronic goodness – from ambient and drone through industrial and noise to techno, from last year’s favorites to some lesser known eighties’ acts, are all blended together in one perfectly flowing, dark yet pleasant set.

NC GUEST MIX#66: MUSHY – Formless Wolrds Pass By Me

01. Tim Hecker – Hatred of Music II
02. Ramleh – Bite The Bolster
03. Ricardo Donoso – Reflection & Rotation
04. Andy Stott – We Stay Together
05. Factrix – Phantom Pain
06. Raime – You Cast Will Tire
07. Psychic TV – Terminus
08. Ssaliva – Tridimensional
09. Nagamatzu – Watch & Waste

NC GUEST MIX#66: MUSHY by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Mushy on FB.


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