opp_litanicmask2The final guest list in our 2012 year-end coverage comes from the Portland-based act Litanic Mask. Their eponymous debut album was released barely two months ago but it has been on heavy rotation here at No Conclusion ever since, expectedly landing high on our albums of the year list. The duo of Kenna Jean and Mark Evan Burden were kind enough to share their separate lists of some artists, tracks, albums, and mixes that marked the past year for them. Here we go, ladies first:

> E*Rock – End of Summer Mix (Future Legend Podcast 018)
Venus X
Concrete Floor
White Rainbow: Trick Shot (Bandcamp)
Miracles ClubThe Wheel
Princess DiesIV Part Two + VICE Interview
MassacooramaanTRAINWRECK (ft DJ Rashad & RP Boo)

> Mohn: Mohn
> All Fade to Mind releases
Ritualz: Outworld Music
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse
Rosenkopf: Rosenkopf

Litanic Like.

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