Apart from releasing his lush I Swear mixtape, last year saw the London producer Benjamin Keating, who goes by the moniker Palmistry, collaborate with Triad God on the excellent NXB mixtape, and release some cool remixes. That mix he made for our series was pretty special too. These are a few of Keating’s 2012 favorites:

My favorite artists from 2012 were Felicita and Triad God. Both people I know well and work closely with.

Felicita and I started to make beats at the same time when we lived together back in the summer of 2010. We used to work on tracks together as Felicita & Palmistry but then began releasing tracks as solo artists as time went by. In 2012 I felt he really started to find his own sound and I’m pretty excited to see what he produces in the next few years. He comes from a noise/experimental background and he doesn’t compromise his aesthetic or sound to please others which I really respect. I wouldn’t do him justice trying to describe his music: Felicita’s Soundcloud.

On Triad God – his voice is so deep from the tone, flow, melody and content. I’ll never forget the firs time we recorded together opening up my laptop and pressing record on Ableton just using the laptop mic and Vinh sang “Sun Hing J”. Was a real special moment.  Here’s the original mix for that track:

Bonus tracks:

Palmistry on Soundcloud.

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