opp_aimonThe second guest list comes from the San Diego duo ?AIMON. 2012 saw the release of their mighty full-length FLATLINER, as well as a whole bunch of noteworthy remixes and mixes regularly posted on their Soundcloud page. And then there is the FLATLINER Remixes collection,  freshly released on Tundra Dub’s Bandcamp. Here’s the duo’s review of 2012:

This year has been extremely busy for us and unfortunately that means we’re still catching up on a lot of releases that probably deserve a spot on this list. With that in mind, our selection of the top 10 albums is composed of what we’ve listened to the most this year. Our reasons for these particular selections can be summed up as simply because they’ve each inspired us immensely.

Lorn: Ask The Dust
Trust: TRST
X-TG: Desertshore/The Final Report
Purity Ring: Shrines
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse
Swans: The Seer
Boyd Rice/NON: Back to Mono
Distorted Memory: Temple of the Black Star
The Ceremonial Dagger: Ghost Triangulations
Burial: Truant/Rough Sleeper

We would be extremely remiss not to mention a few of the many, many important releases from our friends and colleagues that have made a huge impact on us as well. In no particular order:

FUNERALS: Hypermotion B
Mahr: Her Embrace
I††: BSD
Men In Burka: Men In Burka
preteen pornstar: Scared New World
V?LH?LL + M‡?c?ll?: G?øs?s of ?n??qu??? / G?øs?s of ?n??qu???Remixed
Tash Willmore: Broken Bloodline / Broken Bloodline: An Alternate View
Silent Strike: Singularity
Haujobb: New World March
C/?/T (Corvx de Timor): Rise of the Night Terror
Various Artists: Robot Elephant Records vs. Tundra Dubs

Our sincere apologies if we’ve missed anyone, we are blessed to know so many incredible artists.


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