BEST OF 2012: EPs

Before we drop what’s probably considered to be the ultimate year-end list (ya know, albums), here are some of our favorite EPs of 2012. The only label to appear more than once on this list is, umm, Self-Released. Good job, guys.

Arca: Stretch 1
arca-stretch1Truly Carrying

Vatican Shadow: September Cell
Cairo Is a Haunted City

Tropic of Cancer: I Feel Nothing / Permissions of Love
The One Left


Fatima Al Qadiri: Desert Strike
Ghost Raid

Nguzunguzu: Warm Pulse
Smoke Alarm

King Felix: Spring
Spring 01


Wife: Stoic

Twigs: Twigs

Kool Thing: Light Games
This Is the Place

Rachel Haircut: Reserve
Make U Move

Charli XCX: You’re the One
You’re the One

Anna Meredith: Black Prince Fury

Burial: Kindred / Truant/Rough Sleeper

LA Vampires by Octo Octa: Freedom 2K
Freedom 2K

Nightmare Fortress: Until the Air Runs Out

Deathface: From Beneath
Body Count (feat. Star Eyes)

Water Borders: Each Dream a Scheme
Each Dream a Scheme Part I (Excerpt)


ManMachine: I Hate Human Race / 2 Songs About Death
I Hate Human Race

Ritualz / Funerals: Hypermotion X/B
Rhythmic Release

Blawan: His He She & She
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?

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