Unison: A Look from the Outside

Unison is a French band comprising of vocalist Melanie and composer Julien. They debuted in 2010 with a self-titled album that released in their native country of France as well as the rest of Europe, to a lot of public acclaim. Accredited for being the originators of a style of music called “Witch House”, Unison has an EP under their belt as well, which was released by Matte Black Editions, an American music label.

Melanie’s haunting, melodious voice and Julien’s percussive beats and synths made up the breathtaking songs on both the EP and the debut album. Unison’s forte was termed ‘deathgaze’ by style – a fusion of death metal with Shoegazer styles of music. The band drew inspiration from bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, The Boo Radleys, and Swervedriver among others of the same genre. They were also heavily inspired by Black Metal bands such as Liturgy, Wolves In The Throne Room, Xasthur, and Alcest. So much so that the album art for their debut was designed by Christophe Szpajdel, who famously did logo and design for black metal bands.

Unison see themselves as the ‘new Black’ and incorporated all major elements of brutal music into their compositions. They also believe that their experience of living in both the countryside and cities, and their love for the songs of music artists and the movies of filmmakers added depth and creativity to their own work.

Unison also did covers of a lot of other bands that were greatly enjoyed by their audience. The remixes focused on keeping the lyrics, vocals, and the original context of the pieces alive, while transporting it to a different dimension by adding musical elements that were purely ‘Unison’ thus transforming the songs stylistically. The band only released videos for a few of their own compositions, most prominently for their songs “Brothers and Sisters”, “Blood Blood Blood” and “Outside”.

Unison’s concerts and public shows are famous for the extremely high energy that was a part of their performances. In an interview, Melanie described the vibe at their live performances as “raw, anarchic emotions”, and the band believes that their art had the power to disturb people particularly because it was out of the ordinary boundaries of conventional entertainment. In 2010 Unison toured across France and also performed in the UK and other parts of Europe.

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